It takes a floor to raise a giant is what I will say about the team at Tuckerman. When I was admitted I was told I wouldn’t be able to walk, hold things and do anything for myself anymore like I used to. I doubted myself the first day I was admitted and my first day of physical therapy riding a bike. I said to myself what good can riding a bike do to make me walk again. Then came Terry “Rambo” and Shimoli “Shortie” who worked me out without letting me know what was going to happen every day. They challenged me by putting me through exercises and drills I wasn’t expecting. Every day I couldn’t wait to go into therapy to get my mobility back. Terry and Shimoli made me get my confidence back, something I didn’t have when I was admitted. One thing they taught me was not to give up, everything is possible and to not let my confidence overstep my abilities. Although therapy played a huge role in my recovery, the staff also played a wonderful role in getting me where I am. Michelle (nurse) is a true definition of what a nurse is and what nursing is all about. Getrude, (GNA) you can’t turn around without her being right there to give a helping hand. To all the Tuckerman Rehabilitation staff, thank you for everything. Without your kindness, help, love, and encouragement my transition and ability to live a regular life would not have been possible. Thank you all.

William Gibson

During the months of July and August, I was a resident at Tuckerman Rehabilitation. I would like to thank the staff for their warm welcome, care and motivation while in rehab. When I was admitted to Tuckerman, I was weak and unable to walk on my own after 3 ½ months of being in bed. The therapy team was wonderful, especially Miss Shimoli, a young, energetic instructor who was ever ready to train and come to my rescue. To sum up, I am very impressed with her dedication, and devotion to her patients and her work. She was always ready to do extra work even at the last minute. With Miss Shimoli’s patience, motivation and dedication, I will be walking out of rehab and taking my wife on the vacation she deserves. Thank you all!

Sukadev Lavu, Ph. D.

Thanks to all the staff at Tuckerman Rehab, a special thank you to the therapy team for their patience and diligence working with me. I came here not able to move my legs and not knowing what the outcome would be. Today, I am happy to be walking out of rehab. I cannot be more grateful. Thank you all.

William Horn

We were unsure of how to go about choosing a skilled nursing facility. After reading the reviews and knowing that Tuckerman was in our backyard, we decided to move forward with admitting my father for rehab.  We were not sure what to expect, but the staff provided us with ease and comfort by ensuring us that our father would receive all the care and love that the center had to provide. The staff was truly amazing, especially Lawrence in activities.  We would certainly choose Tuckerman Rehab, if we had to again!

Son Richard Bailey

I’m very grateful for being at Tuckerman rehab. The staff are nice and so motivating! When I admitted to Tuckerman, walking on my own was very difficult… the Physical therapy and nursing team have been wonderful!  Walking is getting easier and easier by the day! I will gladly recommend Tuckerman rehabilitation center to my friends and family. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

David Loeb

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